About Department

HeadCorresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, doctor, professor Oleg Cheremnykh

Staff: 14 person, among them 3 doctors, 9 PhD, 1 master.

The scientific activity of the SRI Space Plasma Department is aimed at studying physical phenomena in near space and research processes in space plasma, namely:

  • Research and modeling of physical manifestations of solar activity: coronal mass ejections, plasma configurations, dynamic plasma jets, etc.;
  • development of analytical and numerical models of the interaction of solar wind with geomagnetic field;
  • investigation of collective processes (wave and turbulent processes, nonlinear structures, reconnection of magnetic field lines, etc.) in the ionosphere, solar and magnetospheric plasma;
  • nvestigation of phenomena in ionospheric plasma caused by global processes in the atmosphere;
  • studying the mechanisms of generation and evolution of heliomagnetic field;
  • development of new methods of data processing from spacecraft and ground-based observations;
  • studying of physical and chemical processes in microgravity.

A most important results:

  • model of electromagnetic energy distribution channel in the “lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere-magnetosphere” system;
  • theory of ultra-low frequency MHD perturbations in the magnetosphere;
  • models of solar spicula and coronal mass ejection;
  • development of the theory of acoustic gravity waves in the terrestrial ionosphere;
  • models of MHD processes in the solar atmosphere;
  • theory and model of convective processes in microgravity during crystallization of substances;
  • model of charging microgranules process in space dust plasma.


  • participation in the development and creation of cryogenic precise gravimeter with optical registration;
  • participation in the preparation of space experiments “Ring”, “Coronas-Photon”, “Morfos”, “Vibro“;
  • coordination of scientific experiments of Ukrainian scientists on board of the International Space Station in 1999-2004;
  • development of data processing methods fof spacecraft measurements;
  • development of the NASU scientific program of solar-terrestrial relations studies;
  • organization and holding of Ukrainian Conference on Space Research (2000 – 2006);
  • organization and holding of UK-Ukraine-Spain Meetings on Solar Physics and Space Science (2011, 2013, 2015, 2017).