Loginov Oleksiy

Senior research associate, Ph.D. PhD thesis: “The analysis of resonance and non-linear dynamic processes in relation to tasks of  plasma control and theories of a hydromagnetic dynamo”.

O. O. Loginov since 1996 works at SRI NASU – DSAU at positions of the junior researcher, research associate and senior research associate. Graduated in 1975 from the Kharkiv state university in “the experimental nuclear physics”, in 2003 defended the master’s thesis.
Main research directions:
Investigation of the mechanisms of generation of global magnetic fields of stars and planets, in particular, the Earth and the Sun, i.e. mechanisms of the star and planetary dynamo. At the heart of the approach to the study of these phenomena lies the idea of loss of hydrodynamic stability of the differential rotation of the convective zone of stars, or the liquid core of planets, which leads to the appearance of secondary global currents. In turn, global currents, when interacting with constant fields that are captured during an accretion, excite secondary variable magnetic fields, or secondary hydrodynamic currents, in turn, losing their magnetohydrodynamic stability, generate secondary magnetic fields themselves. Such a consistent approach to the processes of generation of magnetic fields by a highly conducting liquid is called the kinematic dynamo theory. Using helioseismology data on the differential rotation of the convective zone of the Sun, the model of the emergence of global solar currents was created and investigated at the first stage of the work. The spatio-temporal characteristics of the solutions obtained qualitatively coincide with the observational data on the global currents of the Sun. At the second stage of the work, there was created a model for generating the magnetic fields of the sun by differential rotation. The obtained solutions provide information on the deep azimuthal magnetic field and indicate the presence of an variable magnetic field whose frequency is a multiple of the rotation frequency of the solar plasma at this radius and latitude.

Selected publications:
1. Loginov A.A. Salnikov N. N., Cheremnykh O. K., Zyelyk Ya. I., Maslova N. V. On the Hydrodynamic Mechanism of the Generation of the Global Poloidal Flux on the Sun // Kinematics and Physics of Celestial Bodies, 2011, Vol. 27, No. 5, pp. 217–223.
2. Логинов А.А., Сальников Н.Н., Черемных О.К., Криводубский В.Н., Маслова Н.В. Гидродинамическая модель генерации глобального полоидального течения Солнца // Космические науки и технологии т.17, №1, 2011, С. 29-35.
3. Loginov A.A., Cheremnykh O. K., Krivodubskij V. N., Salnikov N. N. Hydrodynamic Model of Spatial and Temporal Variations of Poloidal and Toroidal Components of Three_Dimensional Solar Flows // Bulletin of the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, 2012, Vol. 108, pp. 58–63.
4. Логинов А.А., Черемных О.К., Криводубский В.Н., Сальников Н.Н. Гидродинамическая модель торсионных колебаний Солнца // Космическая наука и технология, 2012, Т. 18, № 1, С. 74–81.

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