Gerasimenko Svitlana

Research associate, Ph.D in Heliophysics. Ph.D. Thesis “The influence of spatial inhomogeneity and external electric field on the generation of waves in active regions on the Sun”

1998 – graduated from Kyiv Shevchenko National University, Master of Science in Astrophysics

2000 – 2003 –  post-graduate student  at Main Astronomical Observatory, NAS, Ukraine

2003-2016 – Scientific Researcher at Main Astronomical Observatory, NAS, Ukraine

2016 – now – Scientific Researcher at Space Research Institute National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and State Space Agency of Ukraine


Selected publications:

  1. Kryshtal A.N.,  Gerasimenko S.V. Kinetic Alfven waves in preflare plasma. Astron.Nachr. 2005, 326,N1,p.52-60
  2. Kryshtal A. N.,  Gerasimenko S. V.Voitsekhovska A. D. “Oblique” Bernstein modes in solar preflare plasma: Generation of second harmonics // Advances in Space Research. .- 2012. – V. 49, Issue 4- P. 791-796.
  3. 3.Kryshtal A., Gerasimenko S., Voitsekhovska A., Fedun V. The ion-acoustic instability in the pre-flare plasma near the loop footpoints at solar active regions // Ann. Geophys. – 2013.- Volume 31, Issue 12. – P.2193-2200
  4. Kryshtal A., Gerasimenko S., Voitsekhovska A. Small-scale Langmuir wave instability in preflare chromospheres of solar active region // Astrophys. and Space Sci. – 2014.-349, N 2.- Р. 637-646
  5. 5. A.N. Kryshtal, Fedun V., S.V. Gerasimenko, A.D. Voitsekhovska. “Oblique” Bernstein mode generation near the upper-hybrid frequency in solar pre-flare plasma // Solar Phys. – 2015. – 290, №11. – P.3331-3341.