Magnetic Hydrodynamics


In the field of magnetic hydrodynamics department works in three areas:
– Convective currents in units for directional crystallization in space experiment conditions;
– study the stability of cylindrical and spherical Couette flow;
– jet stream in the solar corona and near-Earth space.

In the first area, was made studies associated with influence of vibration of the spacecraft on the stability of the crystallization front. The conditions in which vibration causes the convective flow and pollution crystal impurities was found, proposed method of additional purification of grown crystals through local heat pulses. Work on the occurrence of convection in the near-boundary layer was used for creation of mathematical models of coronary mass emission from magnetic field tubes that protrude from the chromosphere into the corona of the sun.

In the second area was built modes of secondary poloidal current that occur by loss of stability of main toroidal rotation, and found their increments. Constructed the flow of viscous liquid in spherical layer between differentially rotating borders. Found that the current flow has internal and three near-boundary layers on the inner and outer boundaries and internal near-equatorial boundary layer.

In the third area are obtained the new equations for stationary two-dimensional flows in a magnetic field in which the independent variables are the current function and the function of the magnetic flux. Based on these equations the structural plasma flows in orthogonal magnetic field are investigated. The resulting solutions can be considered as one of the possible mathematical models of the solar wind. Now continues research of structural flows in Earth’s magnetic dipole.