Maslova Natalia


Research associate, Thermophysical engineer, patent expert

Maslova N.V. graduated from the Heat and Power Department of NTUU “Kiev Polytechnic Institute”, specializing in Thermophysics (1974). The second education was awarded to the Central Institute of Advanced Studies for senior managers and specialists in the national economy in the field of patent work in the field of patenting, specializing in patent examination (1986). From 1974 to 1988 she worked at the Research Institute of Building Constructions of the USSR Gosstroy, the Laboratory of Building Physics, in Position of engineer, senior engineer. She participated in the development and research of thermophysical properties of new materials and structures for oil and gas facilities. Since 1988 till 1996 she worked at the Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in the department of superconducting controllable dynamic systems as a senior engineer, mathematician. Since 1996 and up to the present time – mathematician, leading engineer, chief specialist, Junior Researcher of the Space Plasma Department of the Institute of Space Research of NASU-SSAU. She participated in the preparation of the “Long-Term Program of Joint Russian-Ukrainian Experiments and Technological Studies on the ISS RS”, the scientific and methodological and organizational coordination of the program, the development of activities aimed at improving the quality of ground-based preparation of space experiments, including the development of a number of normative documents jointly with CNIIMASH data bank of joint space experiments on the ISS RS and the delineation of rights to the floor Information gathered and disseminated, creation of data on joint Russian-Ukrainian space experiments on the ISS RS, the preparation of analytical materials for the National Space Program of Ukraine (2003-2007), the National Targeted Scientific and Technical Space Program of Ukraine for 2008-2012 in conjunction with the Central Institute of Nuclear Physics. Participated in the development of the program “Space weather” and the development of requirements for the system “Space weather.” At present he is a participant of research works on the subject of the department, including: research and mathematical modeling of physical processes in the heliospheric plasma; modeling, assessment and support of decision-making in the interests of implementing prospective space programs. In particular, she participated in the development of the program “Space Weather” and the creation of the “Space Weather” information system.

Phone: +38 044 5263695