STCU Grant 6060 “Theoretical and experimental investigations of resonant phenomena in near space plasma” (2015-2017)

ParnThe project theoretically and experimentally investigated the resonant wave modes in the terrestrial magnetosphere and ionosphere. Low resonant oscillations determine the overall stability of magnetospheric plasma and control the collective processes in it. In particular, as follows from spacecraft data, such processes are responsible for generating explosive processes in the Earth and the Sun plasma.
There were developed models of resonant wave phenomena in the terrestrial magnetosphere and ionosphere. Theoretically investigated ULF resonant modes of magnetosphere at different realistic magnetic field configurations. The analysis shows that in the limited pressure plasma in the Earth’s magnetic field with the fast resonant  magnetosound wave can occur alfven modes with discrete spectrum, i.e. modes, locked in a resonators across magnetic membranes. Such resonators can be observed in the ring current location or near the outer edge of plasmapause. To verify the models ULF waves in the Earth’s magnetosphere was used observational data from spacecrafts and observations from ground-based network of ground radars. For MHD waves in the solar magnetic tubes was used comparison with the data of mathematical modeling made by British colleagues.