The magnetosphere is a part of the space around Earth where all physical processes are controlled by the geomagnetic field.

For what it is necessary to study the magnetosphere?

– Because it exists
– Because it is closely related branches of science such as astrophysics, physics of the Sun, plasma physics, geophysics and nuclear physics.
– Because this study has wide application whose value will increase with exploration of space by mankind.
– Because its study promotes the strengthening of international cooperation.

Research methods

– Direct (in situ) and distance measurement using spacecrafts.
Ground-based observations.
– Data analysis.
Theory and simulation.

Research areas

– Wave processes in the magnetosphere.
– Equilibrium of magnetospheric plasma.
The movement of high-energy particles in the magnetosphere.
The interaction of the solar wind with the magnetosphere.


– A theory of fluting and balloon modes of transversal small-scale ULF magnetospheric plasma oscillations was builded.
The transformation of MHD waves in the magnetospheric plasma is investigated.
– The model of magnetostatic equilibrium of the magnetospheric plasma is developed.
– The influence of pitch-angular scattering on distribution of protons in the radiation belts is investigated.
The mechanism of generating by disturbances in the solar wind the wave phenomena in the magnetosphere is studied.