Project “Resonance”


The “Resonance” project aims to study the interaction of waves and particles in the inner magnetosphere of the Earth. The project provides for launching two satellites on one rocket on magnetic-synchronous orbits. These orbits will be used in the “Resonance” for the first time in the practice space research.
One of the original elements of the project is a joint experiment with the heating surface stand, which will test the ability to control some surface processes in thenear-to-Earth plasma.

Main tasks:

1. The long term observation of natural phenomena in the selected magnetic Power tube:
· Dynamics and modes of magnetospheric cyclotron maser;
· The formation and decay of the ring current;
· Filling plasmasphere after magnetic perturbations;
· The role of small-scale events in the global dynamics of plasma.
2. Artificial influence on the magnetospheric maser mode:
· Artificial excitation and/or stimulation of waves;
· Modification of flux of particles that poured;
· Changes of maser Q-factor by modifying the reflection coefficient of the ionosphere.

Customers of the project – the Federal Space Agency, Russian Academy of Sciences.
Employees of Space Plasma Department involved in the development of methods of experimentation and processing and interpretation of the data.