Project «GEO-UA»


NAS and SSA of Ukraine Research Program
“The scientific basis, methodological, technical and information support of the creation of a system of geosystems monitoring in Ukraine”

“Setting the physical mechanisms of influence of solar wind on magnetospheric and ionospheric wave processes.”
The method of determining the distribution of AGW energy density along round of satellite based on contact measurement of concentrations studied dispersion characteristics of acoustic-gravity waves in the lower thermosphere and middle course with a realistic temperature. The theoretical analysis of the generation of natural oscillations of the inner magnetosphere under the influence of disturbances from the solar wind. Discovered a new type of MHD resonances magnetosphere. The results are consistent with data of ground and satellite observations and experimental verification plans.

“Space factors of atmospheric infrasound and its impact on geosystems”.
Creation of technical equipment for local monitoring of infrasound. Continued study of the behavior of atmospheric infrasound. The work on developing and creating of infrasound recorder with range of measurements in the band 2-9,0 Hz.